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Here's a small selection of my cartoons. I very much hope you enjoy them. Your comments are welcome, as are commissions for cartoons for use in print or on the web..... or indeed for anything that needs a cartoon.

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I've been cartooning for The Sunday Times since 1989, mostly for the Money section.

Sunday Times Supplements

Here's one of many cartoons drawn for The Sunday TImes Supplements (and other sections of the paper).

The Mail On Sunday - The Middletons

The Middletons is about the hilarious oddities of middle class life in Britain and ran for more than six years in The Mail on Sunday.

Young Telegraph

Countdown to the Millennium, for The Daily Telegraph, and was the product of an ongoing collaboration with prize-winning writer and speaker Stewart Ross. I have also cartooned for The Times Educational Supplement.

An example of cartoon humour used to successfully promote a serious product.

Westgate Towers Museum

Historical liveliness for Canterbury's Westgate Towers Museum and City Gaol Cafe.

Channel Cartoon

Channel fun inspired by my
four English Channel swims (one Solo, three Relays).

Sharegift Christmas Card

Promote your company with a cartoon Christmas card!

Billy Goes To The Seashore - due for publication soon.

Billy's Camping Trip - due for publication soon.

Lucy Montgomery's first Skoldo adventure.

Skoldo Discovers France and, with his friends, helps children to learn French.

Billy Bear was created for Feldhues Ltd, who produce Billy Bear food products. You can see him on packaging in supermarkets near you!

Dunstan The Rat is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Lambie, friend, entrepreneur, saviour of Canterbury's Westgate Towers Museum, creator of The City Gaol Cafe and lover of Canterbury and it's people.

Dunstan was commissioned to be Host and Resident at The Westgate Towers. We worked with Keel Toys of Ashford to develop the cuddly toy.

Osbert The Observer was created for Timescapes. He is a member of The Royal Observer Corps and is seen here keeping watch over "The Forgotten Front Line" at Whitstable and Tankerton as Britain prepared for invasion in 1940.

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Cartoon workshop

P.S. I also run many Cartoon Workshops and give talks on Cartoons And Being A Cartoonist. Here I am with Sophie, one of my three lovely daughters, and Timescape's Mark Harrison, at our Forgotten Frontline workshop during Kent's Coastal Week.